An investment in solar is an investment in the future. As you save money month tomonth and build equity in your home, you also decrease your footprint—making your mark on the world more impactful, and less carbon-heavy. Leave a legacy by erasing your mark.

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Altaray is licensed, bonded, and insured.

Why Solar?

Your Solar ROI

You wouldn’t rent your home for 14 years. Don’t “rent” your electricity either. As your panels pay themselves off over 14 years (on average), spend that time saving an average of $90 per month on the electric bill, receiving a 30% federal income tax credit, and adding an average of $20k of value to your home. It’s time to invest.

Trusted Experience

In our first year of business, Altaray installed over a megawatt of solar energy to homes in Utah, Texas and South Carolina. Each panel comes with a warranty of at least 10 years by our licensed and insured technicians who have over 20 years of experience. We’re in the business of fulfilling your solar needs, and you can trust us to do just that.

Environmental Impact

The CO2 footprint for an average American household is 7.43 metric tons per year. One year after installation, the average household with solar panels reduces that number by 80%. And once installed, panels produce zero emissions for their lifespan of about 30 years. That’s like taking a car that drives 18,000 miles every year, off the road. The HOV lane is good, panels are better.

Installment Experts

Altaray is NOT a solar panel dealer, and makes no money in the sales process, so we’re better able to commit to your complete satisfaction. We do this by focusing only on installment and follow-up: We are committed to a quality and timely installation of your solar system. Most projects are installed and fully operational within 60-90 days. If your system is not operational at 90 days, we will pay your solar bill until the system is turned on and producing power.

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